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Star Wars: Assault on Hoth

Star Wars: Assault on Hoth

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    Released after Return of the Jedi, and seemingly a part of a possible series of games depicting Star Wars event, this game obviously plays out the battle on Hoth. The object of the Imperial player is to destroy the Shield Generator at opposite end of the map to Imperial deployment. The rebels' goal is to forestall Imperial victory until the 'Transports' are away. Setup is limited to certain areas of the map, thus setting up a very accurate scene to what seems to play out in the film 'The Empire Strikes Back.' Troops and vehicle strengths and damage are kept track of on the map, using various counters (although they are all just markers.) One even gets to use Luke on the battlefield and his all important Force ability. Dice are used to determine combat attack and defense. It's a hex based map, and the counters all have stands, an allusion to miniature replacement possibilities. Low rules learning. Random card powers throughout game (events.) VERY little hidden from other player. - BoardGameGeek
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